Revive, Repair, Renew: Your Gadgets Deserve the Best!

At Texas Celullar, we understand the pivotal role your device (phone, laptop, iPad) has in your life. Fear not! Our team of skilled technicians is here to breathe new life into your gadgets.

  • Browse our selection of refurbished cell phones and find one that suits your budget.

  • You can trade in your old cell phone and use the money to buy a new device.

  • If your mobile phone is outdated, trade up. If your device is too complicated, it might be time to trade down. With Texas Cellular Trade Program, the choice is yours.

  • I went here for a new screen protector and case. The prices and quantity of inventory is incredible! Shawn is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. He's providing service first and sales second! They offer phones, computers and tablets for sale. They are great for repairs on the above items as well.

    - Jeri M

  • Kevin was so helpful! He helped me trade in several old devices we no longer use and upgrade my daughter's phone. He helped us trade out the SIM card, threw in a charger and discounted a case and screen protector. I definitely will be using them again for any of my electronic repairs or trades.

    -Salty Lacie

  • Amazing Service! I come here for all my Apple product repairs and cables. Keeping up the awesome work

    - Jasmine D. Williams

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Precision Laptop and Tablet Repairs

Experience seamless device recovery with our expert technicians. From screen replacements to software upgrades, we bring your laptops and tablets back to life, faster and better than ever